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With the love and support from our customers, we’ve managed to grow from a small-time tour operator in the Harz, to become the leading tour operator in Europe, which we’re overly excited, proud and humble about. Now, we intend to continue our journey - and we’re working our butts off to keep on delivering an even better travel experience. So get onboard - have a look at our tours and destinations. We hope to ride with you soon!

Vores destinationer

Altenau - Nordharzen, Tyskland

Altenau is conveniently located in the northern Harz, surrounded by astonishing nature and the highest mountains in North Germany. Here you’ll experience a great mix of single tracks, downhill- and flow trails covered with rocks and roots. Tours from April to October.

Altenau - The Harz

Malaga - Costa del Sol, Spanien

The Malaga and Costa del Sol area in South Spain is a true paradise for every mountain biker. It's hot, it's sunny and it's covered with mountains and great single tracks. You'll get to ride plenty of descents, rock gardens, switchbacks and much more. Tours can be arranged all year around.

Malaga - South Spain

Bad Sachsa - Sydharzen, Tyskland

Bad Sachsa in the South Harz offers long and challenging descents, fast switchbacks, lots of vertical metres and astonishing viewpoints. The nature here is just as beautiful as in Altenau, but has less rocks and roots. Tours from April to October.

Bad Sachsa - The Harz

Pod Smrkem - Tjekkiet

Pod Smrkem is located next to the Polish border, and it’s full of single tracks. To be accurate, they’ve built 80 kilometres single tracks! In addition, there are also plenty of natural trails. The area is very hilly, and you’ll get to ride long descents, rock gardens, roots and much more. Tours from May to September.

Pod Smrkem - Czech Republic

Saalbach - Østrig

Imagine biking through the Austrian Alps. That’s quite a beautiful sight – and we’re ready to take you there! The terrain is very hilly, but luckily there are lifts. So you’ll have fun driving downhill, rather than struggling to conquer the mountains. Also, this means that the tour is suitable for anyone regardless of MTB experience. Tours from May to August.

Saalbach - Austria

Vi elsker mountainbiking

We are keen mountain bikers ourselves. Some would call us nerds, which we’re totally cool with. Because we live and breath what we do - and we absolutely love it.

Kun det bedste er godt nok

We take pride in creating lifelong memories. That’s why we care to do everything a little better than the rest. We scout the best trails, we've got the best facilities and we have the funniest tour guides. Sounds cool, right?

Destinationer over hele Europa

We’ve got five destinations in four countries across Europe. So, regardless of the season, we’ve always got a nice place for you to ride your mountain bike. Right from Southern Spain to Northern Germany.